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Scooterwheel 120mm x 24mm TEAM Core Silver / Black

€ 28,99
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Eagle Supply Wheels: Standard Line TEAM Core wheel

Our new standard line, Aluminium TEAM cored wheels.

With more Urethane than the X6 Core wheels which gives you More Speed, More Grip, More Air time.

Made from a 6061 certified Aluminium extrusion and machined to shape.

Available in Black Anodized or Silver Cores.

Cores are Logo Laser Etched.

Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our own developed formulas.

Size: 120mm

Width: 24mm

Hardness: 86A

Core: TEAM, Aluminium Black or Silver

Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS

Available in Various Colors


Eagle Supply wheels are carefully handmade in the Netherlands, assuring high quality, performance and speed.

Our wheels have been designed for riders, from the feedback of other riders.

Eagle Supply are the #1 scooter wheels in the world, handmade in Holland, were we have been making them for over 20 years.

At Eagle Supply, we understand the science behind making the perfect urethane mixture for scooter wheels. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

Make sure you buy your Eagle Supply wheels from an authorized local dealer or distributor.

Ride confidence, ride with pride, ride the original, Eagle Supply. 

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